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SimplePractice is your business partner in private practice. Our software provides everything from comprehensive client portals to HIPAA-compliant video calling capabilities for telehealth visits, and seamless online booking and patient onboarding. 

The SimplePractice platform connects our customers with their clients in five key areas: Client Communication, Scheduling, Documentation, Billing, and Practice Growth

SimplePractice Software

Key Features



Client Communication
Client portal

Provides patients with a single online portal where they can book appointments, send and receive secure, mobile-friendly paperwork, upload insurance forms, update credit card information, receive and pay bills, send and receive HIPAA-compliant messages, and engage with healthcare providers through telehealth.


HIPAA-compliant video calling designed to connect patients and providers. Optimized for accessibility, patients are able to start a video call by clicking a link in an email without logging in. Clinicians are able to adjust the view and share materials with patients on the screen easily and securely.

Secure messaging
Enables clinicians and their clients to securely and seamlessly communicate outside of scheduled appointments.


Online Booking
Allows patients to request appointments online when it is top-of-mind and gives clinicians the flexibility to accept or adjust the appointments at their convenience. SimplePractice’s online booking feature enables clinicians to transform their clients’ experience while maintaining control of their calendars. This feature enables clinicians to accelerate their business and improve their clients’ experience.

Appointment Reminders
Omni-channel messaging enables clinicians to set up automated reminders and connect with their patients to confirm appointments across text, voice, or email. Clients have the option to confirm or cancel via text message. Automated, personalized appointment reminders help practitioners reduce no-shows without increasing the time spent confirming with clients ahead of each appointment.

Calendar Sync
Clinicians are able to automatically sync their appointments with their iCal, Google, and Outlook calendars to stay organized across all calendars and streamline appointment scheduling.



An omni-channel, secure note-taking feature allows clinicians to sign and lock notes from their mobile devices.

Treatment and Planning

Clinicians have the ability to efficiently optimize client outcomes by adding an assessment from a robust template library to a client’s profile or adding a diagnosis and an ICD-10 code from an auto-populated list developed from the information we source from the American Psychiatric Association and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services rather than create a treatment plan from scratch. Clinicians can also access Wiley Treatment Planners to choose from over 1,000 pre-written treatment goals, objectives, and interventions organized by commonly encountered problems in treating patients who seek mental health care.

Paperless intake

Clinicians choose from a library of customizable intake forms. Clients have the ability to complete the intake process online ahead of an initial appointment and all information is fed into a centralized, secure information system.



Enables clinicians to enroll their clients in AutoPay, saving time, adding visibility into the payment process, and eliminating the need to follow up with clients on unpaid appointments.

Credit Card Processing 

Includes features designed to make it easy for clients, their caregivers, or third-party billing contacts to pay with a credit card directly from their online Client Portal. Integrated credit card processing drives faster payments and cards are stored with bank-level security.

Claim Filing

Enables clinicians to generate and send digital invoices, statements, superbills or other detailed service invoices, and CMS-1500 forms with just a few clicks.

Practice Growth
Professional Website

Allows clinicians to quickly and easily create and launch a customized and professional mobile-friendly website that is automatically integrated into an EHR system. This easy-to-use website builder allows for customizable themes, imagery, and colors, and is also SEO-optimized.

SimplePractice Learning

An online education marketplace offering on-demand, expertly-curated continuing education and business-building video courses for students and professionals. Clinicians in certain states are able to satisfy certain licensure requirements with SimplePractice Learning, and they are able to learn about building, growing, and marketing their practices.

Pollen Magazine

An online magazine where health and wellness practitioners can read inspiring articles about growing and sustaining a private practice, being a better clinician, how software tools can improve their practice, industry news, and wellness best practices. Pollen serves the entire ecosystem and is used as a content hub for practitioners in different stages of their journey.

Monarch Directory

Launched in March 2021, Monarch brings together clinicians and therapy seekers making it easier for clinicians to expand their practices and patients to find the right clinician. A key differentiator for Monarch is the integration with SimplePractice, enabling therapy seekers to easily view a clinician’s availability and request an appointment online.