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InvoiceCloud is a digital payment and customer engagement solution that helps government, utility, and financial services customers streamline their workflows for billing, external communications, and bill payment collection. InvoiceCloud was designed to drive high levels of digital adoption by removing friction from the billpayers’ experience and making customer self-service options easy to find and use. With InvoiceCloud, billing organizations can empower their customers to receive and pay invoices digitally, enroll in personalized payment notifications and AutoPay, and encourage timely payments through a variety of convenient, easy-to-use channels, including a guest checkout option.

With an intuitive user experience and advanced reporting tools, InvoiceCloud’s Biller Portal gives organizations complete control over the billing, payment, and reconciliation process. Permission-based roles let users manage access and control how stakeholders interact with the platform, and significant staff time is saved as a result of this streamlining.

InvoiceCloud Software
InvoiceCloud also facilitates communication between organizations and their customers with sophisticated communication management tools. Billers can access templates for payment reminders and other automated messages while the system manages payment confirmations and other notifications in the background. Customers appreciate the functionality of these messages, which include account-specific details and allow customers to add reminders to their calendars so they never miss a payment.

No matter what payment method or channel customers prefer, from Point of Sale devices to mobile devices, InvoiceCloud is designed to offer a seamless experience that keeps revenue consistent and customers satisfied.

Key Features



Biller Portal

Extensive reporting tools make administration, reconciliation, and data mining easier for our customers. Our biller portal is a user-friendly interface for customers that provides features like permission-based accounts for all types of roles, date-range reporting for customer payments, email tracking, scheduled payment reports, paper suppression history, easy reconciliation, full control over our email communication engine and content, and full control over e-payment batches and reporting.

Communications Management

A single platform to manage all communications, including email and SMS, to ensure that end-users pay bills on time. It offers communication strategies and templates to maximize payment conversion and automates communications around the customer experience, including bill reminders, expiring credit cards, enrollment confirmations, and upcoming scheduled payments.

Cloud Store and Cloud Pay

A streamlined checkout process that allows our customers to pay multiple invoices or services in a single check-out. Enables customers to easily accept payments for non-invoiced services.

Email and Text Notifications

Automated email and text notifications are designed based on human behavior to maximize the conversion to digital payments. Beyond reminders of upcoming payments, the client receives confirmation of payments along with a critical notification about their accounts.

Scheduled Payments

Payers have the ability to schedule payments or enroll in AutoPay, which saves them time and creates a better experience. By driving AutoPay adoption, we provide customers with payment visibility and reduced customer service calls.

Omni-Channel Payment Acceptance

Customers have the ability to meet payers where it is easiest for them, securely access billing data, and pay using credit, debit, ACH, and digital wallet methods across our omni-channel customer engagement platform. We enable our customers to provide a consistent customer experience across web, mobile, IVR, point-of-sale screens, CSR interfaces, and partner customer portals.

Full Feature Guest Checkout

Removes the “log-in wall” barrier to adoption by giving payees the ability to enroll in paperless, AutoPay, and other services as part of guest checkout.

Automated Reminders and Notifications

Clients have the ability to sign up for text reminders and add calendar reminders. These added touch points increase the probability of receiving the payment.