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HealthPay24 is a leading patient engagement and payment solution that helps health systems, physician groups, dental practices, and medical billers maximize customer self-service opportunities and increase patient revenue. Designed with the unique needs of healthcare organizations in mind, HealthPay24 prioritizes simple, secure communication and empowers patients and providers with the tools they need to make billing and payments stress-free.

HealthPay24 can be used to accept payments of all types, including debit cards, credit cards, ACH, wire transfers, and digital payments. This flexibility allows customers to pay bills using their method of choice on a safe and convenient system.

To ensure that providers and patients can easily access records, HealthPay24 offers integrations with many major electronic records services. Plus, by centralizing patient health and billing records, HealthPay24 lets providers establish a “single source of truth,” so customers know they’re always working with the most current, up-to-date information available.

HealthPay24 Software
HealthPay24 Software

 HealthPay24’s reporting features let providers run data-rich reports tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), patient satisfaction levels, and delinquent accounts. Perhaps best of all, HealthPay24 uses PCI-validated point-to-point encryption to keep healthcare organizations in compliance with HIPAA regulations and protect sensitive patient data.

Key Features



Omni-channel Payment Acceptance

Provides customers the ability to accept payments through many different channels, meeting the payers where it is most convenient for them.

Enhanced Reconciliation

Efficient, accurate reconciliation via our “single source of truth” to check against bank and settlement data with automatic transaction posting to enterprise resource planning/accounting systems or payment management systems.

Robust EHR Ecosystem

Integrates real-time with all major electronic medical records, EHR, billing, and legacy record systems.

Reporting Analytics and Insights

Identifies and monitors key performance indicators, tracks patient satisfaction levels, and automates, shares, and exports robust reports.


Provides superior payment security with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption, HIPAA compliance, and omni-tokenization.