What We Do

At EngageSmart, we are experts at simplifying engagement. Through our business units we operate across multiple industries, improving customer experiences with our SaaS software platforms. We live our values, right down to our organizational structure. At EngageSmart, we put the people who are most crucial to our ongoing success, our customers, first. Our senior management is at the bottom of our organization, but their higher purpose of giving back and spirit of fun bubbles up throughout our organization. Our business units include: DonorDrive, the fundraising platform that turns everyday people into powerful fundraisers for your cause; HealthPay24, the patient payment platform that’s better for everyone; Invoice Cloud, SaaS solutions that simplify e-billing and digital payments resulting in the highest e-adoption; IVR Technology Group, voice and text automation that delights your customers; and SimplePractice, the practice management platform for health and wellness professionals.

What We Believe

As a company that values diversity, equity, and inclusion, EngageSmart seeks individuals of all backgrounds and experiences to apply for this position. We’re creating an environment where everyone can thrive. Our customers are diverse, so we’re building a team that is too. Through initiatives like our employee resource groups we are building the cultural foundation that gives people the emotional and physical space to bring their authentic selves to work.