About EngageSmart | EngageSmart

What We Do

EngageSmart creates vertically tailored customer engagement and integrated payments solutions that drive engagement between our customers and their clients. By simplifying this engagement, we empower more than 116,200 SMB and 3,400 enterprise customers to focus their resources on initiatives that improve their businesses and better serve their communities.

Vertical software solutions

EngageSmart offers single-instance, multi-tenant, true SaaS solutions across core verticals including Health & Wellness, Government, Utilities, Financial services, and Giving.

Automating mission-critical workflows

Our vertically tailored solutions provide software and payment tools that empower companies to focus on what they do best: managing, improving, and growing their businesses. All of these SaaS solutions simplify key workflows such as scheduling, customer onboarding, client communication, paperless billing, and electronic payment processing.

Enhancing digital adoption and self-service

EngageSmart’s software solutions are designed to simplify our customers’ engagement with their clients by driving digital adoption and self-service. These solutions address the growing demand for intuitive, frictionless, and personalized digital experiences that are commonplace in other industries.

EngageSmart employees

The EngageSmart Approach

We believe that sustainable growth is best achieved by investing in great products and people, and focusing them on helping our customers be successful. Across our solutions, there are guiding principles that set us apart:

Vertical Domain Expertise: We possess deep expertise in the industries we serve, enabling us to deliver exceptional solutions that meet the specific and unique needs of our customers.

Product Leadership Through Ongoing Innovation: We strive to deliver the best software solutions in the verticals we target and to continue innovating around these products to maintain our product leadership.

True SaaS Solutions: We offer single instance, multi-tenant cloud software solutions which enables us to innovate quickly and deliver new capabilities to our customers simultaneously and at lower operating costs.

Customer Focus: We dedicate ourselves to helping our customers simplify, streamline, and grow their businesses. We win when our customers win.

Exceptional Talent & Culture: We promote a people-first culture which enables us to attract, retain, and develop exceptional talent, which is a critical component of our success.

How We Operate

Our employees are the most important ingredient to our continued growth and success. Ensuring that we create a culture that sets every individual up not only to do their best work, but feel satisfaction and even joy while doing so, is a top priority at EngageSmart.

We Live Our Values, Right Down to Our Organizational Structure.

By embracing an Inverted Pyramid organizational structure, we are putting the most crucial people to our ongoing success first.

EngageSmart was recently named to the Deloitte 500 fastest-growing technology companies in North America